Contact me at if you are:

  • A mission-driven company or nonprofit seeking to restructure systems or rethink processes
  • An executive or rising star looking for management support and accountability
  • An entrepreneur wanting a thought-partner and new perspective on work and life
  • An individual seeking support for making decisions, taking risks, or undertaking career or life changes



Some of the goals my professional clients are working toward include:

  • Improving individual or team performance and measurable outcomes
  • Getting promoted or thriving in a new role
  • Making multi-faceted decisions
  • Undertaking difficult conversations and negotiations
  • Managing staff for peak performance
  • Maximizing limited time and resources
  • Building and leading strong teams
  • Implementing new policies and practices
  • Leading organizational culture change
  • Obtaining constructive feedback and assessment

My corporate and nonprofit clients range from first-time managers to seasoned executives looking for new perspective and accountability. I will help you set clear goals and determine the steps you need to take to achieve them. My approach is tailored to your needs, and with the understanding that your time is limited so efficiency is vital.

Some of the goals my personal clients are working toward include:

  • Making a career change or taking risks to follow a passion
  • Getting into and succeeding in graduate school or a new job
  • Building or strengthening an intimate relationship or expanding a family
  • Planning for retirement or finding new meaning in life
  • Moving to a new city, building a community, or adjusting to change
  • Starting a business or completing a project
  • Balancing priorities, managing time, and improving health

All of my clients want to improve their personal or professional lives. My role is to encourage you to take risks, help you solve problems, and to understand what will make your life more fulfilling. I aim to understand your unique strengths and resources, and from there help you devise a plan to set goals and identify the real action to achieve them.



Some of the goals my consulting clients are working toward include:

  • Creating and implementing new organization-wide systems and policies
  • Shifting organizational culture and accommodating major growth
  • Restructuring teams and managerial relationships, and anticipating staffing and consulting needs
  • Increasing process efficiency
  • Coaching new – or experienced – managers and executive directors
  • Leading retreats and workshops, and facilitating meetings and difficult conversations
  • Improving human resources and performance management functions, work-life balance, and staff retention
  • Designing programs for greatest impact
  • Determining how to evaluate program impact, and making strategic and informed philanthropic decisions
  • Enhancing organizational networking, communications, relationship building, and fundraising strategies

My consulting clients are mission-driven companies, social enterprises, governments, and nonprofits that want to achieve the greatest impact with the fewest resources – and the happiest staff members. Their leaders appreciate that another set of eyes and expertise is needed to overcome challenges, grow, or launch new initiatives, especially around strategy and organizational design.


how it works

I believe in getting a clear sense of who you are, what you need, and how I can help. To achieve this, I like to sit down for a complimentary 60-minute conversation. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about my coaching and consulting services. Email me at to arrange a time to meet up. If you decide to continue…

With my coaching clients we’ll work together on a monthly basis, with weekly sessions. I recommend an initial commitment of at least two months. The monthly package includes:

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching conversations (4 or 5 weeks per month), in-person in the Bay Area or over the phone
  • Unlimited email and phone support all month
  • Coaching, organization, management, and accountability tools and resources as appropriate

With my consulting clients we’ll initially draft a scope of work and budget. We can arrange hourly rates or project-based rates. My consulting relationships can last two months or two years – or anywhere in between, and they will include:

  • Clear scope of work and budget prepared and edited at no cost to the client – with ongoing scope flexibility as needed
  • Regular check-ins on progress, goals, and hours used to date
  • Relationship building with a range of staff members from the start to ensure successful implementation
  • Time spent in office – with no fee for local travel time
  • Incorporation of your feedback and suggestions on an ongoing basis
  • Prompt email support and responses between meetings

I seek to ensure that the cost is not prohibitive and am happy to discuss the pricing structure. Please contact me to arrange the initial discussion.



“The work we’ve done with Jenny over the last several months – creating new systems, clarifying roles, and developing plans – has both improved efficiency and increased morale across our organization. Working with her has also educated us about the vast network of resources that are available to non-profit organizations seeking to become more effective, efficient, and professional in areas such as HR, financial management, program administration, and board development. My one great regret is that we didn’t work with someone like her many years earlier.”
   - Executive Director, education and criminal justice nonprofit, Marin, CA

“Jenny has a certain steadiness and calmness to her that grounded me to our objectives during our sessions. I was looking for a job for the first time in four years, which seemed daunting and caused me to think about my overall life trajectory. Jenny gave me tools to focus my thoughts and held me accountable to next steps that we determined together. She’s an excellent cheerleader, task maker, and friend. I highly recommend Jenny; even just an hour coffee with her leaves you feeling confident and capable.”
   - FK, San Francisco, CA

“Jenny helped me think outside of my own self-created box. She helped me to be more open to new possibilities I had always thought and assumed were impossible. Without her I know I would still feel stuck. She was encouraging, comforting and challenged me in a safe way! I would highly recommend her!”
   - JJ, Berkeley, CA

“Jenny is an incredible life coach. In our time together, Jenny has helped me to discover options and possibilities I didn’t even know existed. She challenged me to think beyond my traditional assumptions and self limits, in a way that felt encouraging and empowering.

I felt like I could say anything to Jenny and not be judged. In fact, I felt accepted for who I am and who I’m trying to become. And Jenny is helping me be that person, by giving me the confidence and tools to help me find the right paths. More importantly, Jenny has an incredible ability to listen, which is an underappreciated skill until you meet with someone like her who really is an expert. She was able to pull insights from our discussions and create those ‘aha’ moments that are priceless in self development.

In life, everyone needs someone to help them along and I’m so grateful to have found Jenny as my coach. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone wanting a helping hand in working toward continuous improvement in your outlook, your relationships, your goals, or any other aspect of your life or work.”
   - ENC, Washington, D.C.


about me

I grew up in New York City, the youngest child of a large family. A fan of walkable and well-planned cities, I have also lived in Chicago, D.C., Boston, Portland, and Beijing. I now live in San Francisco — a place I had visited a few times but where I knew virtually no one when I arrived in 2008 from thousands of miles away. I’ve spent the past five years building a great community of friends and a diverse professional network, creating and directing a nonprofit program on urban community redevelopment, becoming a professional coach, and exploring the nooks and crannies of my adopted city. In all of these endeavors, I always seek to help others improve the quality of their lives and deepen their engagement with their communities.

I’ve directed large programs at two national nonprofits, Teach For America and Enterprise Community Partners, opportunities that allowed me to design and teach award-winning leadership development courses and design and manage multi-faceted programs for maximum impact. What I’ve realized from these experiences, as well as my work at Teach for China in Beijing, is that I love helping people and organizations better understand the challenges they face and how to solve them. I’ve coached new managers on their project planning skills and how to balance their new workload. I’ve advised organizations on the design and implementation of new staff onboarding and performance management systems. I’ve coached executive directors on organizational culture change and core values. These experiences are the essence of my passion — helping drive positive change through strong relationships and new perspectives.

Over the years, I’ve focused a lot on my professional life: I have a bachelor’s degree in urban studies and history from Northwestern, a master’s in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, a mini-MBA from Tuck, and a certification in core strengths coaching from San Francisco State University. And after losing my job in the heart of the recession in late 2008, I bounced back to receive three promising job offers at the same time. Three years later, after leaving my job in late 2011, I successfully started a business and traveled the world. I bring these experiences to my coaching and consulting practice, where my goal is to help every person I interact with to build on their strengths and approach challenges with optimism and curiosity.

I can be reached at Hope to hear from you!